Create your Personal 7, 8, or 9-Figure Entrepreneurship Path with Today's Entrepreneur Unicorns as Your Guide (who have already disrupted the industry and are going to teach you to do the same).

What's the difference between 8 and 9-figure entrepreneurs and you?

They are "Unicorns".

Okay, not a literal 🦄 (obviously), but a Unicorn in business. Let me explain. 

A Unicorn is: An Entrepreneur or Industry Expert who has poured a lot of time, focus, energy, thought, creativity, and tenacity into any problem. And because they’ve put all this work into this problem, they’ve put the puzzle pieces together and found that one metaphorical "needle" in the haystack before anyone else did.

They are NOT... 

❌  some goofy seminar guy.

❌  someone who teaches theory and content.

❌  someone who had success once and now sells information for a living. 

Those are Fakes... not Unicorns. 

A Unicorn IS someone who... 

🦄  does and has a PROVEN track record of real RESULTS in an area of Business and Problem Solving. 

🦄  AND they continue to have success time and time again. 

... so when you are out in the world... how can you tell the Fakes from the Unicorns?

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BEFORE I Get to That...

Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Joe Polish, and I’m a Business Owner just like you.
And even if you’ve been following me for a while and already know me and my story, there’s something you don’t know about me. 
So keep reading...
If you aren’t familiar with me yet, I think it’s important you know that I have been told I’m the Most Well-Connected Business Person on the planet.
But it wasn’t always like that.
In fact, it was quite the opposite for a while.
When I was younger, I didn’t strive in any area of life.
I wasn’t that smart.
I Failed “Owning and Operating a Small Business” class in college.
Not only that, I was also dead broke and living off credit cards… and I had a very Unsuccessful Business in the Carpet Cleaning Industry.
I’ve tried it ALL and talked to EVERYONE
...and when you’re trying to create your very first Business or grow your existing business online, it can be a TON of work and very stressful.
It’s hard to know WHO to trust and WHAT information to apply.
It took me decades of HARD work, struggle, stress, and countless connections to finally have my first real breakthrough and secure the financial freedom I’ve always dreamed of.
I remember the times of uncertainty and frustration...
I remember having to invest EVERYTHING I had into ineffective strategies and courses. It’s hard to know who to listen to and who to trust.
But things started to change...

You see… after I started making the right connections through conferences and my Network, I finally had a breakthrough.

I created my first REALLY Profitable Business, and it felt amazing!
But… I worked HARD for that.
Like, 90 hours per week. Every single week. No breaks. No vacations. No free time.
It wasn’t until I made that ONE major connection that everything changed… but it took me YEARS to find that one connection.
But let's fast forward to where I am now! 
Today I’m making way MORE money with way LESS work and way LESS time...
By continuing to network with the right people and learn from the REAL Unicorns!
You see, learning from and networking with Unicorns has a compounding effect...
“Compounding Interest is the most powerful force in the Universe” – Albert Einstein
Unicorns know other Unicorns. Unicorns network with other Unicorns.
And when you start hanging out with a Unicorn, they can begin to introduce you to more Unicorns. And then those
Unicorns introduce you to more Unicorns who can introduce you to more Unicorns... 
You get the point...
...and the more Unicorns you can learn from, the better!
NOW: One thing you probably didn’t know about me is that I’m an avid collector now.
What do I collect you might ask?
Ever since I’ve discovered the true Problem Solving and Life-Changing Power of having the right Network, I’ve become OBSESSED with collecting these Unicorns and creating a Network and Experience for Entrepreneurs. And I’ve been doing this for 14 Years.
To this day, I continue to collect these Unicorns.
You see, I’ve found the right Mentors… the people who are actually doing the things they teach and have TRUE success with consistency.
PROVEN Business Owners and Mentors who have changed my life and built a community!
You see, if you have Unicorns as your Mentors, you can learn from their successes and failures… they’ll show you the right moves to make and DRASTICALLY Cut Your Learning Curve!
The Unicorns in my collection have helped me to develop a system to build insanely EASY. LUCRATIVE, And FUN (E.L.F.®) Businesses.
IMAGINE for a moment that you had a Network of Unicorns at your fingertips...
🦄  You could solve ANY problem in your Business the moment it arises - eliminating the stress of not knowing what to do.

🦄  Seek the advice of someone in your industry who's already scaled past your EXACT sticking points and could follow their exact Roadmap to do the same.

🦄  Your success habits became the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with, and those 5 people were the #1 Experts in their industry and had performed at the Highest Level. 
🦄  You could gain insights worth $250,000 that were the real needles in haystacks that Unicorns had found through their successes.
That sounds pretty good... RIGHT?
It is! And I knew this was Powerful, so I decided to share it with others.
That’s why over the past 14 years I’ve been Curating and Creating Genius Network… Which by the way, costs a pretty penny.
$25,000 per year to be exact...
Now, I’ve created this Network to connect Unicorns so they could solve ANY Business problem in the world with the needles they’ve discovered in the haystacks of their Industries.
It’s incredibly EXCLUSIVE and EXPENSIVE.
But it’s worth every penny because (in the competitive battlefield of today’s Business world) you have to be better than your competition to win and secure the Financial Freedom you deserve!
And you need PROVEN Mentors and Unicorns to give you the breakthroughs and overwhelming advantages you need.
You need Mentors who are actually doing the things they teach and have a proven track record of finding needles in haystacks.
…but I understand that $25,000 is NOT affordable for most. In fact, Entrepreneurs can't join Genius Network if their Business is not grossing over $1 million per year.
So, to make that kind of investment, you might have to max out credit cards...

You might have to ask the Bank for a loan...
You might have to ask your friends and family for money...
You might have to work additional hours in your Business or job...
And I don’t want you to have to do all that.
That’s why Members of Genius Network, my Team, and my Friends have been twisting my arm.
They told me that the EXPERIENCE of Genius Network was Life-Changing and Business Altering… and it needed to be shared with others who weren’t ready to make a $25,000 investment yet.
Even though that $25,000 investment truly is worth EVERY Penny (*just look at the flood of testimonials below) and it pays dividends for years to come… I knew that MANY people just like you might miss out.
So what did I do?
Well… I, and the entire Genius Network, have decided to bring the Genius Experience to you!
What Will You Find In Your Genius Experience Members Area?

Frameworks for Success

When you reserve your seat in the Genius Experience Community today, you'll be exposed to the Exact Frameworks and Values that have made Fortunes!

Create an 8-Figure Launch

Want the EXACT go-to-market strategy that online marketing Unicorn, Jason Fladlien, used to achieve the BIGGEST 8-figure product launch in internet marketing history?Secure Your Spot Now!

My Entrepreneur 1-Year Reset 

How did I take a 1-year sabbatical, without sacrificing my wealth, improving my health, and living into E.L.F.®?  This alone is worth the investment in Genius Experience...

Over the Shoulder Secrets

In your Genius Experience 24/7 Private Members area, you'll receive Ten-Minute Talks™ from Proven Entrepreneurs on how they Supercharged their Success...

$10,000 Recordings Unleashed

The Genius Network Annual Event requires a $10,000 investment to attend. Just Imagine what a 7-Week Coaching Program will cost... You'll be surprised when you learn the shocking truth!

DFY (done-for-you) Breakthroughs

11 Industry Leading Experts will join me to pull back the curtain and expose the PROVEN Systems, Frameworks, and Strategies that they have used to create Wildly Successful Businesses!

Enroll Now
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You deserve an E.L.F.® Life & Business 👉 Easy, Lucrative, and Fun!
The Genius Experience
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The Genius Experience is 7 Full Weeks of Online Coaching Jam Packed with PROVEN Strategies that have led to some of the Biggest Business and Marketing Breakthroughs to date.
The results speak for themselves...
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"My Stanford lab will have more impact because of my time with y'all. Thank you, Genius Network!"

BJ Fogg
Behavior Scientist, Standford University

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"Feeling deeply grateful for each moment of generously shared ideas and passion from every person at Genius Network. What a great and impactful meeting. Thanks to the Genius team and everyone who was there!"

Susan Potje
Co-Owner, Celebration of Fine Art

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"Thank you Joe, the whole Genius Network team, and everyone who made the event a beautiful experience. The depth of conversation, the volume of insights, and the love and laughter are a testament to the personality of this group. The root of becoming a better entrepreneur is being a better human being, and Genius Network shines in that area."

Akira Chan
Documentary filmmaker and co-founder of Rare Media

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"Sending a huge thank you to Joe and his fabulous team for an amazing annual event! I'm not quiet sure how this works but I'm leaving feeling completely decompressed, rejuvenated and full of ideas... Can't wait to see everyone again soon!"

Brittany Anderson
Co-founder, Dare to Dream Enterprises 

Ready to change your life & business?
Here's how it all shakes out...
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The Great Entrepreneur Reset

Joe Polish took a 1-year sabbatical, which allowed his business to grow and his life to thrive. Joe shares how you can do the same…

  • The $300 million man that influenced the movement. 
  • The E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, Fun) model you can adopt in all areas of your life. 
  • What the Million Dollar Racehorse is and why it can increase your revenue and freedom. 
  • What's In It For Them: How to better direct your time, attention, money and effort.
  • The most innovative methods you can use to alleviate physical pain and mental anguish.  
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Life Gives to the Giver

Andre Norman will take you on a journey of true transformation and show you... 

  • The impossible is in fact possible when you surround yourself with the right people. 
  • How to adopt a "Life Gives to the Giver" mindset -- so you can experience the BEST life through the heart of service.
  • Designing your most beautiful life by breaking free from the crowd mentality. 
  • Tapping into your purpose to overcome even the most unfair circumstances.
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Upgrade Your Brain and Improve Your Memory

Jim Kwik is "The #1 Brain Coach," and in this exclusive training he shows you…

  • The 8 "Kwik Tips" for improving your memory and more easily retaining any information.
  • The importance of expanding your belief system (and why 'forgetting' can be one of the most useful things you can do).
  • How to eliminate brain fog, unlock limitless creativity and expand your capabilities.
  • Integrating technology in a way that doesn't detract from being a present human while upgrading your mind. 
  • The 3-part Limitless framework for advancing and progressing beyond any stuck state. 
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Double Your Fitness

Whitney Jones knows a thing or two (or 3X) about mindset and physical performance...

  • The best fitness and mindset hacks from the 3X Ms. Fitness Olympia.
  • How you can level-up your fitness routine (even if you're at the beginner level). 
  • Using a morning ritual to reset your focus.
  • How to balance rest, recovery and why genetics isn't everything. 
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Break-The-Internet Launch Strategy

Jason Fladlien made internet history with a $57 million launch (built in 6.5 months) and he will teach you how...

  • The keys to ALL successful launches, including lead generation and improved conversion strategies. 
  • Exactly what he did to take advantage of one of the biggest market opportunities.
  • The steps he took to convert nearly 6.5% of leads. 
  • How to utilize live webinars, without burning out.
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Organic Growth and Winning Google

Stephan Spencer guides you through the most recent changes in the SEO world and teaches you how to build trust online...

  • Get a handle on your most traffic depleting SEO issues and turn it around for major organic traffic gains.
  • The most important action you can take to drive more traffic to your website (FREE!)
  • Why you really can't "game" Googles ranking system AND steps you can take to raise your trust score.
  • The "E-A-T" formula Google uses to evaluate the trustability and authority of your website.
  • A public relations strategy you can utilize that leads to high-trust sites linking to you.
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Creating a Wealth of Health

W. Brett Wilson has beat cancer (four times) and overcome addiction. His perspective on health vs wealth will transform your priorities...

  • Redefining success comes down to resetting your priorities. 
  • How life-altering experiences can be the best thing that ever happened to you. 
  • Why capitalism (and the spirit of entrepreneurship) is so important. 
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Identifying the H.A.L.F. vs the E.L.F.® 

Chris Voss knows how to spot the difference between the H.A.L.F. (hard, annoying, lame, & frustrating) vs the E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, & Fun)...

  • The hidden costs you pay when you deal with people who are H.A.L.F.
  • Why saying no to H.A.L.F. people will bring you overwhelming E.L.F. demand.
  • How to walk away from H.A.L.F. in a way that minimizes relational shrapnel.
  • "I have a great opportunity for you", "win-win", and other dangerous traps to avoid.
  • How to avoid predatory prospects, emotional blackmail, and lame clients.
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Developing the Most Important Relationships (and Leaving the Others)

Annie Lalla and Amy Chan are both relationship coaches that know how to make a love relationship work AND how to leave a relationship (without sacrificing any area of life)...

  • The keys to creating a true, loving, everlasting relationship that transcends conflict
  • How love can become a crucible for your personal growth and a place for sculpting your greatness.
  • How to know if your relationship isn't working AND how to know if you should stay or go.
  • The two worst actions you can take after a breakup and what you should do with your grief.
  • Why conflict is a collaboration that gets stymied and how it can make relationships stronger.
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The Most Valuable Lessons from the $100M Company 

Derek Sivers created a $100M company using the philosophies that he teaches in this training...

  • 6 secrets Derek used to turn CD Baby into a $100M company.
  • The importance of patience, being frugal, and saying no.
  • Why not focusing on profits can help you profit more.
  • The history behind Derek's "Hell Yeah or No" philosophy.
  • How To Live: Secrets for making your dreams come true.
Get INSTANT access to download these Bonuses
BONUS #1 - $250K Ideas Tool

The lessons from a Genius Network® event include more than just ideas. It gives you "Ideas Worth Using." You'll get a tool exclusively used my members to capture the insights and ideas worth $250,000 to your Business.

BONUS #2 - Elegant Ideas Tool

One elegant idea is worth 1,000 semi-good ideas.
This Genius Network® tool is used to catch all the insights from the training sessions and define the first action you need to take in order to create the momentum to see it through. 

Ready to change your life & business?
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"OMG! I came here to learn strategies and tools - and I did. I wanted to learn from the best and connect with them - but what I found were new brothers and sisters. Your wisdom, your generosity, your authenticity, your energy was and IS awesome - I am deeply touched and so glad I cam to this place and now being a part of your community as a Genius Network Member. It's not a network, it's a genius family. Thank you all!"

Thomas Friebe
Media Productions, Voice Actor, Entrepreneur and Coach

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"Thank you, Joe and the entire Genius Network team for an amazing, insightful, fun and feel good two days! Sending love to the beautiful souls who are committed to rising higher and feeling deeper."

Elaine Glass

Here's what you get when you join:

Instant access to the complete Genius Network® Experience program
(value = $10,000)

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Bonus #1: Genius Network® $250K Idea downloadable tool
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Bonus #2: Genius Network® Elegant Ideas downloadable tool
The Genius Network Experience is normally $4,999, but for a limited time you can get it for...



One Payment




4 Monthly Payments

You're covered by our guarantee.
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We so strongly believe that the Genius Experience will give you the Overwhelming Advantage that you are looking for, that we're willing to give you a 100% action based money-back guarantee. That means when you invest today, you have 30 days to get a full and immediate refund.

By getting started today, you have a 30-Day Iron-Clad Guarantee where you can test drive the Genius Experience system for a full 30-days from receipt. If you are not satisfied for any reason in the 30-day period, simply contact Joe’s office, honestly show you that you’ve put at least 3 strategies in place, and you’ll receive a full refund… it’s that simple!
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Through Health, Wealth, and E.L.F.® (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun!)

No matter your race, your sex, where you live in the world, how old, or young you are, how you were raised, your ethnicity, your current income, your technical skills, your precious experiences or ANY other factors... 
... the Genius Experience gives you a Massive Advantage by showing you the Framework of a POWERFUL and PROVEN system for making a bigger and better business that's more fulfilling in less time - whether you are starting completely from scratch, or have a business you want to scale up!
Good, because there's something you need to know.

Remember that the Genius Network Annual Event costs $10,000... 

This program is a 7-week rendition of Genius Network and will deliver a significant level of value to you in an online format.

Containing all of the content and bonuses described above, The Genius Experience is ONLY a single Investment of $1697 or 4 easy installments of $425 for those who prefer that option.

But let us say this: We guarantee you that the Genius Experience will give you an almost unfair advantage in your business. We guarantee you that this program will shave years and thousands of dollars off your learning curve. We guarantee that the Genius Experience will help you Reach Your Goals much faster than normal. We guarantee you that this program will be full of things that you have never heard of before. We stand behind this program 100% and the results back this up. This is why we can make this bold refund guarantee. 

Choose your experience...



One Payment




4 Monthly Payments